Ms. C. Muller-Robb

Together we will learn and grow in a safe positive learning environment. With respect and cooperation from all, we will reach our full potential. To achieve this goal, we must give our best effort every day. 

Ms. Muller-Robb 

Welcome to 7th grade! My name is Ms. Muller-Robb and I will be teaching 7th grade English Language Arts/ World History CORE and STEM. This will be my second year teaching in the Mt. Pleasant School District and I am looking forward to working with my students to have an excellent educational experience.

7th grade is going to be a very busy year for my students. We will be working on long-term projects, experiments, group and individual presentations and other activities to provide a variety of educational experiences. Homework will be assigned every night and assignments are to be completed on time.  Students should be reading for a minimum of 40 minutes and reviewing their notes on a daily basis. 

Classroom Expectations

1. Be on time, on task, and prepared to learn EVERYDAY.

2. Respect the teacher, the classroom, other students, and yourself.

3. Be responsible for your own learning.

4. Clean up after yourself and your peers.

Consequence and Reward Systems

Consequences for choosing to not meet the expectations:

  1. Verbal or visual warning.
  2. After-class, during-lunch, or after-school meeting with Ms. Muller-Robb (and possible call home).
  3. After-class, during-lunch, or after-school meeting with Ms. Muller-Robb, a call home and lunch detention.
  4. Meeting with Ms. Muller-Robb, a call home, 2-day lunch detention, and referral to the principal.

** Students who have missing or incomplete homework are expected to attend homework club with Ms. Muller-Robb during lunch. 

***Major Clause: Severe misbehavior may result in immediate removal to the Principal’s office (ex. Blatant disrespect, fighting, bullying, foul language, dress code, excessive tardies, etc.)

Consequences for choosing to meet or exceed the expectations:

  1. The joy of learning!
  2. Verbal praise.
  3. SWAG tickets. (Success Willpower Attitude Goals)

Students earn SWAG tickets when they exceed the teacher’s expectations. Students can “purchase” the following items.

2 ticket= pen, pencil or ten pieces of paper

5 tickets= positive call/note home

10 tickets= scholar coupon

15 tickets= any book you want! 

Late Work
All assignments are submitted on the due date. 
Class Work will not be taken late unless you were absent.
It is YOUR responsibility to obtain all assignments after an absence.
I will accept late HOMEWORK/PROJECTS for half credit. 

Students will have at least 45 minutes of homework each night.

**Note to parents: Homework includes a combination of the following: pages in their EL workbook, history interactive notebook, reading AR book EVERY NIGHT, and/or working on on-going projects. 

Grades will be based on a combination of writing, reading, listening, speaking, grammar, and vocabulary activities. Many assignments will be graded according to a rubric that we will go over in class when the assignment is given. 

Your final grade will be based on five categories: tests, quizzes, and projects will determine 80% of your grade; homework and classwork will determine the remaining 20% of your grade.

  • 90-100% A (exceeds standards)
  • 80-89% B  (meets standards)
  • 70-79% C (basic understanding of standards)
  • 60-69% D (limited understanding of standards)

<60%  F (failure to meet standards)

*There are opportunities to retake tests, but it is your responsibility to come talk to me and set up a retake.  This must be done within five days of receiving your graded test/project. Retake form must be correctly filled out and submitted.

Students are expected to have their AVID binder with them everyday. Binder checks will be completed randomly throughout the year. Students will also be using Cornell notes for science and history classes. Grade checks will be sent home for parent signature periodically throughout the trimester. It is the student’s responsibility to write their homework in their planner every day. 

Contact Me
If you have any questions or concerns throughout the school year, please do not hesitate to contact me. I check my email quite frequently throughout the day and will respond at the earliest opportunity. My email address is

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