SPSA-School Plan for Student Achievement
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SARC-School Accountability Report Card

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APR-Academic Performance Reporting (including API)
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School Safety and Emergency Preparedness Plan
Comprehensive Safe School Plan
Classroom Emergency Procedures
District Handbook

Ida Jew Academy is prepared to keep students and staff safe at all times.  IJA follows explicit guidelines aligned with State and District expectations.  All teachers and staff are expected to have knowledge of and be able to carry out responsibilities of the district's Emergency Procedures Reference Guide.

Our School Site has the following in place:
* Incident Command System- A system of positions and responsibilities for staff if an emergency of any extent is to occur.  There will be assigned personnel to support families with reconnecting with students if necessary.  Please see your site administrator for more details.

* Emergency Procedures Reference Guide- A Reference Guide is provided to every staff member and teacher on campus.  Reference Guides are also placed in all common areas (Bright Pink Booklet).  As a staff and district, procedures are reviewed, updated, and practiced on a consistent basis.